Niederdorf Italia born in 1997

with the aim of creating value
starting from the expertise of the founders.

Niederdorf started developing a unique perspective and a novel approach to “consulting”.

Following a process of almost natural evolution, it was just a short step moving from “supporting” organizations from the outside into developing tools and processes to make them stronger working with Management on the inside. This was the beginning of our commitment to training and development through programs focused on aspects such as developing and measuring customers’ satisfaction and loyalty; planning and budgeting for the sales environment; the marketing process; motivating and managing a sales team.

During the following couple of years we have further grown our competences and our commitment to the field of HR management, and fully integrated activities in the field of “Recruiting” with a growing number of “Training and Development” programs.

To complete the range of services we provide our Clients, in 2002 we entered the arena of “Organizational Development”. Access to new talent, and a very close partnership with the University and the Industrial Associations in the region, expanded our field of activity from a regional to a national and later international dimension.


We are committed to providing “Outcome Based Consulting”.
We develop long time relationships and design solutions tailored to the needs and goals of our Clients. We choose our Consultants among professionals with a strong and successful trackrecord in well-structured organizations and we provide an environment in which continuous education and growth are fundamental values.

Tools and Methods

During the past six years we have had the opportunity to develop and refine a number of tools to address specific organizational issues: The ARVI Matrix ? is our proactive approach to “retention” of key resources; “XT-endless Power” ? helps organizations to deal constructively with the issues associated to an aging workforce; Niederdorf GPS is a training program designed for sales organizations dealing with the growing challenge of selling complex products to complex customers (i.e. in the public sector); A-Line ? is a process measuring the productivity of sales efforts and assessing the internal alignment between goals and behaviors in an organization.
An area deserving some additional space is the one of Cultural Audits and Employee Satisfaction Surveys. Many years of direct experience and a commitment to stay abreast of what both the corporate world and academia offer, gave us the competence to develop models and technologies to run quick and minimally-invasive surveys in organizations with few dozens to several thousand employees.

We deliberately decided not to become the specialist in a certain field or for a certain market and we devoted our efforts to becoming specialists on a small number of “themes”. Most of the services we offer today were developed after investing considerable time observing a given phenomenon across a number of companies. Aspects such as retention or the issues with an ageing workforce were examined in depth through “observatories”, often set up with support from the University of Verona. This approach gave us the unique possibility to map the territory in an extremely accurate way and orient our Clients in the right direction considering environmental aspects such as the competitive field, the marketplace and the resource to opportunity balance.