Executive Search

Systematic and Direct Exploration

Executive Search consists of a systematic and direct exploration of most significant organizations in industries and geography defined with the Custoner. Goal is to identify those professionals and those expert managers who can best fit with company needs.


Identifying candidates for executive positions or with very specialized experiences who are often very difficult to reach with a traditional recruiting process.

Target organizations:

Organizations who intend to get in touch with specialists or high caliber candidates

Our method:

Direct search different steps:
  • First: analyzing and defining company needs and specific definitions of searched candidate profile
  • Consultant and company together identify industries and organizations in specific business fields
  • Consultant proceeds to search and identify interesting and interested candidates
  • Candidates will be interviewed in order to verify professional suitability, personal and motivational skills
  • At the end of interviews, the Customer receives a detailed report with the market map and results of interviews, as well as with candidates profiles


The different process steps as well as the seach conduction of Niederdorf Italia qualified consultans, allow Customer to meet  candidates who quite close meet specific company needs and who are interested to evaluate position offered by the company and who are ready to meet with the Customer.