International Recruiting

International Feeling

In the years Niederdorf Italia has developed work relationships with National and International Companies especially with Recruitment and Hiring projects.

Professional profiles and HR consultant

One of the most important is the search of “resident” Chinese professional profile and Chinese labor (Shanghai and the coast areas).
We developed a consultancy activities in order to manage and develop the business activities and production activities in China.
We support our Clients in the Chinese HR management and in the Chinese market interactions.

Some other international projects we’ve done:

Plant Manager – electromechanical – Guandong, Cina
Plant Manager – white goods – Mexico
Plant Manager – mechanical production – South Africa
Sales & Business Development – electromechanical – Cina
Sales & Business Development – textile machinery – Cina
Sales & Business Development – automotive – India
Resident Export manager – wine & spirits – Germany
Retail Manager – fashion/fine food – Russia
Controller – textile components – Switzerland
Process engineers – oil & gas – Germany, Russia, Kazakistan, Africa, Emirates