Hiring the Right People

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Transcript by Giovanna Combatti from an article published on Harvard Business School Publishing Conferences feb. 2006 On this paper Marcus Buckinham, the author of The One Thing You Need to Know, starts by saying that [...]

HR Challenges: Managing Polarities

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How to add value in continuing strategic change Transcript By Niederdorf Italia The specialized website humanresources.about.com reports, this month, some perspectives from the author of “Real time for strategic change”, Robert W. Jacobs, about the [...]

Recruiting Process

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Some learnings from an interviewing process By Giovanna Combatti An Interviewing process offers a wonderful chance for “opening a window” on the dynamics around a specific function on the market labor in that particular period. [...]

About Enterviewing

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by Giovanna Combatti Leaving at first the candidates free to choose how to start their introduction and presentation, usually gives you a variety of information: what words he chooses to adopt, what impact he wants [...]

Stress am Arbeitsplatz

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How are you stressed ad work? von Giovanna Combatti Schlechte Fuehrung und Termin-Zeitdruck sind die groeBten Belastungen nach verschiedener aktuellen Arbeitsumfragen. Diese zwei  schwereren Aspekte dieses Druckes sind eng miteinander verbunden: je schlechter der Chef [...]