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While innovation is a must, you need to deal with resistance to change by Giovanna Combatti Alberto, the CEO, had been newly appointed by the international group to lead the 600 people distributed in five manufacturing plants. The company produces pumps and electrovalves, components for the appliance industry, where R&D/engineering area was the key one. [...]

20 things NOT to do on a Sales Call

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Social network Linked In published an attractive contribution by a Sales Consultant, Geoffrey James about things you may not want to do on an effective Sales Call. Elaboration by Giovanna Combatti Social network Linked In published an attractive contribution by a Sales Consultant, Geoffrey James about things you may not want to do on an [...]

How To Conduct An Interesting Presentation

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How to make the difference at communicating to an audience Elaboration by Giovanna Combatti On November 25, 2012 an expert in communication and public speaking, Alexander M. Orlando published this interesting summary about how to make the difference at communicating to an audience. Regardless of what you do for a living, your ability to communicate [...]

Recruiting Process of a Financial Controller

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General Perspectives from one first CV Screening for a position in an international industrial group, headquartered in Italy by Giovanna Combatti One main aspect dividing into three categories the interviewed candidates, refers to their experience and "closeness" to manufacturing or sales costs or their general coordination of a Controlling team. And it is evident that [...]

How do you choose the best people to run your businesses?

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How do you choose the best people to run your businesses? Elaboration by G. Combatti Recently on his blog Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group published this small but intense insight. Was asked an interesting question recently by members of the Global Philanthropists Circle and students at Manchester Business School. How do you choose the [...]

Hiring the Right People

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Transcript by Giovanna Combatti from an article published on Harvard Business School Publishing Conferences feb. 2006 On this paper Marcus Buckinham, the author of The One Thing You Need to Know, starts by saying that “great companies hire the right people”, that is only possible if they are able to identify talents. And again he [...]

HR Challenges: Managing Polarities

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How to add value in continuing strategic change Transcript By Niederdorf Italia The specialized website reports, this month, some perspectives from the author of “Real time for strategic change”, Robert W. Jacobs, about the role and challenges of the Human Resources Managers. Here are some estracts from that article. Do you live with any [...]

Recruiting Process

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Some learnings from an interviewing process By Giovanna Combatti An Interviewing process offers a wonderful chance for “opening a window” on the dynamics around a specific function on the market labor in that particular period. At the same time,  through the candidates eyes, the recruiter can “see” some major organizational aspects around that function, that [...]

About Enterviewing

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by Giovanna Combatti Leaving at first the candidates free to choose how to start their introduction and presentation, usually gives you a variety of information: what words he chooses to adopt, what impact he wants to have, what is the first thing he wants to tell you and so on. It's usually also very much [...]

Evolutions in the Health Environment Hygiene Safety Manager

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a Cultural Change Manager By Gloria Damaschi What evolutions and specific trends are reflecting the professional profiles in the Safety and Health functional area? What changes are occurring in the organizational environments on these topics? During more partnership with different organizations in the industrial world for searching, recruiting and hiring professionals for the company project [...]