Exit Interviews and Stay Interviews

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More Stay Interviews …rather than exit interviews Most talent managers have likely asked these questions of an employee: “Why are you leaving? And what can I, as a manager, do to keep you here?” Those two questions are typically at the heart of the exit interview — the mechanism talent managers use during an employee’s final [...]

Internal Recruitment advantages and disadvantages

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Internal recruitment? Hiring from inside your business makes sense because new hires are already part of your team and know your culture and policies well. But despite the benefits of internal recruitment, relying too much on promotions and lateral job moves might have negative side-effects. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment. Advantages [...]

Karriere im Vertrieb im Ausland oder im Export

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Eine Karriere im Vertrieb im Ausland oder im Export Du möchtest gerne im Ausland erfolgreich werden, kannst hervorragend mit Menschen umgehen und bist gut darin, zielorientiert zu arbeiten? Vielleicht wäre ein Job im Vertrieb dann genau das Richtige für dich. Wer ist für einen Beruf im Vertrieb geeignet? Wer im Vertrieb arbeitet, hat jeden Tag mit Menschen [...]


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How do leaders protect those who “diverge from the norm”? A few months ago, Skillsoft, leader in corporate learning edited a Survey report on “Actionable Leadership in the Creative Age”. In it, I read (and loved) the following intriguing excerpt:  “At the heart of this is for leaders to not only be creative in their [...]

Increasing company competitiveness through HR

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Increasing company competitiveness through an HR demographic analysis Knowledge of a company’s characteristics, dynamic and problems related to its entire organization makes it easier to obtain all the advantages that the Age Management toolbox offers. Credibility and recognition of the proposer skills and capacity are the main factors that make companies ready to take part [...]

Shaping a new innovation culture

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Innovation: Shaping a new culture …a story of an innovation culture transformation… Marco, the CEO, had been newly appointed by the international group to lead the 600 people distributed in five manufacturing plants. […]

We Cannot Stop Evolving and Growing

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the "power" of a CEO letter We Cannot Stop Evolving and Growing Often it is what follows, the follow up actions to meetings, trainings, conventions etc. that enhances and provides the maximum contribution to the learning that comes with the event. What follows, it is a summary sent by a leading organization CEO to all [...]

Integrare Strumenti Risorse Umane

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Fotografare le risorse umane in azienda: Assessment, coaching di sviluppo e bilancio di competenze Rivedersi allo specchio Il metodo dell’ del assessment, coaching di sviluppo e del bilancio di competenze costituisce nei differenti Paesi dell’Europa, un metodo utilizzato tanto in materia di gestione delle carriere professionali quanto nell’orientamento degli adulti o nella definizione di progetti di [...]